João Pescada

Augmented Reality demos

Two different applications of Augmented Reality, both Flash based for online publishing:
— TIMEX A.R. Watch: a real-looking 3D watch (with working 3D pointers) for users to experience the brand's watches on their own wrists (later used in Está na hora TIMEX). (2009)
— Airplane A.R. Viewer: a simple 3D airplane with interactive and animated parts (later to be changed for scaled down versions of real models). (2009)

Role: Flash Coding.
Languages: Actionscript, XML.
Year: 2009

Demo URLs:
— TIMEX AR Watch:
— Airplane AR Viewer:

Augmented Reality demos
Augmented Reality demos

The airplane 3D model used in the demo belongs to someone else. I don't remember the source. If you find it online, please let me know, so the due credits are given.

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